It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

182 days to go, 6 months to the day

In the upcoming days and months there will be a lot of “lasts”. The last time we’ll go to our favorite restaurant, the last time we have friends over, the last trip to the beach…

Today was my last trip to my physician. He and I had a special relationship over the last seven years or so since he became my doctor. I always appreciated his deep, sincere concern for my well being. He would often be in my mind when I would, in the medical sense, misbehave. “Well, if my doctor could see me now…”

my forehead
My forehead after the liquid nitrogen treatment.

Today was our “Swan Song”. Much was talked about, my rogue cholesterol, my run away blood pressure. And, as a parting gift, he hopefully remedied my skin anomalies on my forehead that had bothered me for the past 6 months, by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. I am taking bets if the two spots are going to turn into scabs or giant blisters over the next few days….My money is on blisters. You’ll see when you pass me in the grocery store.

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