Of Cats and Christmas Trees

184 days to go

Went to an Ugly Sweater Party last night. Some outfits were imaginative, others downright scary. I always feel awkward at parties and found myself firmly planted on the family couch, next to the tree.

I’ve had a….shall we say, less than loving relationship with cats over the years. It started with my friend Greg’s cat in Ireland. I was visiting his parents’ home for the weekend in Waterford. We were watching a film when one of his cats decided to curl up on my lap,  squeezing up against my chest. When the film was done the cat got up and, in the process of stretching, extended her claws into my upper chest. After the bleeding finally stopped, I decided I was a dog person.

Last night, sitting by the tree I noticed one of the house cats eyeing my lap “Oh, no, not again….”. Sure enough, the cat came over and curled up. Luckily my son, who wants to become a vet, rescued me before the claws made an appearance. I live another day.


Today I took the opportunity to clean out the attic after getting the Christmas decorations down. Among the long forgotten attic items: A giant size poster of “Star Trek: To boldly go where no-one has gone before”! Where did that come from?!

Later, after much nagging from the kids “When can we get a tree? When can we get a tree? When can we get a tree?”, we piled into the car and had them pick out a tree at the local tree farm. Not just any tree mind you, it had to be the perfect tree…my hope of a speedy “in and out”  quickly dissipated.

hmmmm… upside: it smells good in the house now.



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