Grützi! Now can we have your money please?

This trip was really all about a family reunion. Seeing that we were flying into Switzerland’s largest city, why not explore. Yes, Zürich is EX-PEN-SIVE. I thought Paris was bad, but no, Zürich tops them all so far. $26 for a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese,  $33 for a Wienerschnitzel (side salad is extra). But then again, that kind of money for a meal is in sync with the Maseratis and Ferraris that echo through the streets with their deep grunty roars and high pitch tire squeals .  

Money aside, the city is beautiful and pleasant enough, as one would expect of an old European town that mostly escaped the bombing raids of WWII.

Strangely, beyond that, there is not much I can say about Zürich.

Unlike Paris or Venice, I did not really get a vibe from the town. Zürich lacks an edge, an atmosphere, a flavour that other cities posess. Maybe Zürich’s motto should be: “Pleasant Enough”…the asparagus of cities…maybe its just me… perhaps I don’t have the kind of cash it takes to really enjoy this town and all she has to offer. Hey, the beer was good.

Our visit was accompanied by a heat wave. Temperatures in the 90ies. We dodged along the shady parts of the streets and alley ways. 

Public fountains (dare I whisper the word “FREE” without jinxing it for future travellers?), helped ease the heat.

The next day we stopped the financial bloodletting. We left town by train, heading to southern Germany for a long overdue visit with my brother and his lovely wife. We spent long evening hours talking and truly enjoyed the company. We were also treated to a tour around the western part of Lake Constance (aka Bodensee).

Of note was the beginning of the River Rhine, which snakes its way some 700 miles through Germany and ends in the North Sea. Another highlight was the Rhine waterfall or “Rhinefall”, Europe’s largest plains waterfall, I’m told.

We took the boat to get close to the falls and climbed a small island in the middle of the river.

Our visit came to a close with a trip to Konstanz on the west side of the lake that bears its name. Interesting place, with a history dating back to a time when multiple popes were vying for power in the town. Also of interest was the harbour statue of a courtesan holding the Pope in one hand and the Emperor in the other. Hmmmmm…. Self deprecating take on the past or stain on an otherwise stainless city….you decide.

UP NEXT: Lots of family and friends visiting this summer and a change of premises (Hallelujah!!!!).

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  1. Love reading these! It’s been nearly 20 years since I last saw you and Kathleen, but I think of you every now and then. What a great adventure you’re all having.

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