The Trip

Every time we move, which does not happen that often(…thank God), the last day, departure day, is a NIGHTMARE. Things undone, deadlines to meet….PANIC. This time was no different.

Luckily our dear friends Stan and Susan came to our rescue, hauling away trash and furniture alike, getting things done till it was time to lock the door behind us and leave our home for the foreseeable future. We were supposed to leave the island around 3:30pm, we left on the 9:50pm boat.

We checked into the SEATAC Ramada for a brief night of fitful rest.

Next morning, getting ready for the shuttle, we realised that our careful plan of each of us carrying one backpack and pull 2 suitcases was sabotaged by the surprise that in the heat of the struggle we had brought 10 suitcases instead of the 9 we had planned for. Who would carry the additional case?! Mind you, several of these weighed between 40 and 60 pounds.

IMG_4203“Well, never mind” I thought, we’ll manage somehow. On the shuttle to the airport I asked Kath ” do you have the British [1200] pounds?”. “No, I thought you did?!” is the response I got. More panic. Did we leave the envelope with the money at the house? Did we leave the maid an enormous tip? No matter, we had a plane to catch.

Once the shuttle driver unloaded our bags we realised the enormousness of our luggage. Plus, now we had one more piece than we could possibly carry. We leapfrogged the luggage to the check-in. By the time we got to the check-in, I was bathed in sweat, Tristan was complaining and Kathleen was near tears. Oh yes, we were off to a great start!

I had booked us on Iceland Air to Heathrow with a one night layover in Iceland. At the time I though it would nicely break the long haul into manageable smaller chunks, make it feel more like a vacation… what I did not consider then was the added time for getting back through security, waiting for the plane, etc.

Iceland was FREEZING. The end of June and I wish I had brought my hat and gloves.

I couldn’t sleep and caught up on my work. We did stop by the Blue Lagoon the next morning, a thermal spa. After the tourbus that was supposed to take us to the lagoon did not show up for 1.5 hours we took a taxi. Kath and Tristan got massages while I was dealing with my allergic reaction to the silica water which made my left eye swell up like a plum. It was Kath’s birthday and she has been a great sport through all of this, so I’m glad she got to relax for a bit and Tristan got to have a KRAP in the lagoon (with a “K” not with a “C”).


In the afternoon we waited for our delayed plane to Heathrow, which got us to London around 21:15pm (instead of 19:15). By the time we went through immigration, had wrestled the luggage onto carts, wheeled the luggage to the Heathrow X-Press to Paddington, caught a cab that was willing to haul all our crap (this time with a ‘c’), it was after midnight. We collapsed into our bed around 2am. (No Christophe, this is no vacation).

We decided that rather than start immediately house hunting, we take today to re-group. T is watching some YouTube, Kath is sleeping and I am getting work done. My goal is to have Oyster/Travel cards and a local phone by the end of day to call some agents tomorrow to look at flats.

AND, Great Britain just voted to leave the EU. “May you live in interesting times…” They just got more interesting.

3 thoughts on “The Trip”

  1. Marcus and Kathleen,
    Wow! You are troopers. I did not realize you had not already found a place to live before setting out… I can’t wait to read the details of what you find and where you put down roots–for the time being.
    Patrick and I were watching to see what would happen with the BREXIT vote. I hope to hear from you what it is like on the ground with such a national change.
    Big hug,

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