The Waiting Game

Royal Mail…Hello!?!—

It sure feels like that there is a lot of “waiting” happening around the house these days. Yes, we are all busy with work and the daily routines, but there is something else going on as well.

“Have you heard anything about your application?”“no”
“Have they sent you anything yet?”.“nope”

The sound of crickets chirping…..

Hannah is still waiting to hear from her school in Spain to send her the grades for last year, without them, she won’t graduate.

My wife’s application to the Health & Care Professions Council to get her degree recognized in Britain was sent out in January.

Hannah is still waiting to hear from two universities that she applied to, plus the National University of Ireland.

Everybody concerned seems rather calm about all this….except me.

I have learned the hard way that “At times, its OK to be paranoid”. There is good reason for it: Shit happens, and, when things can go wrong, there is a fair chance that they will. So I check the mailbox feverishly for news, I open my e-mail with new hope every morning, heck, I even scan my wife’s personal e-mail for news about the application (it usually takes her some time before she gets to it….who can wait that long and she doesn’t mind). I count the days since we sent the application off. “Weren’t they supposed to let us know they got it?” And….

A letter!!!! First I thought it was junk mail but then I noticed the words “Royal Mail”, oh thank god for the Royal Mail.letter

As expected it was just an acknowledgment letter that my wife’s application had been received but at least, at least, a sign of life! Yes, we got your application, yes, all is well, no, your envelope did not get accidentally dropped behind some desk…

Things are moving in the right direction after all it seems. One less thing to worry about.

—BIG sigh of relief—

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