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Catalunya…and a “personal” e-mail from the Prime Minister?!

Sometime around early 2013, long before we decided to move to Europe, our daughter Hannah decided she wanted to participate in Rotary’s foreign student exchange program. I had always envisioned her doing an exchange in France, probably projecting my own  feelings of missed opportunities and dying dreams onto her. But alas, my dreams were not hers. Continue reading Catalunya…and a “personal” e-mail from the Prime Minister?!

Grützi! Now can we have your money please?

This trip was really all about a family reunion. Seeing that we were flying into Switzerland’s largest city, why not explore. Yes, Zürich is EX-PEN-SIVE. I thought Paris was bad, but no, Zürich tops them all so far. $26 for a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese,  $33 for a Wienerschnitzel (side salad is extra). But then again, that kind of money for a meal is in sync with the Maseratis and Ferraris that echo through the streets with their deep grunty roars and high pitch tire squeals .   Continue reading Grützi! Now can we have your money please?

A weekend in Dublin

Ahhhhh Europe…..

Everything is so close.

Get a plane ticket for the price of lunch at the Hardware Store Restaurant, hop on, and an hour or two later you are in a different country.

It was in this spirit that we decided to ditch the kids (God knows they are old enough to take care of themselves at this point…”Here is some money…order a pizza”), and do a weekend city break. Dublin. Why not. Its close. Continue reading A weekend in Dublin

Two train trips…and phone calls from school

Since our adventures abroad we bit the bullet and applied for Kathleen’s UK Residence Card, which extends her visa for 5 years. Since I am her “sponsor”, I had to send my passport with the application as well as Kathleen’s. This means we are temporarily (it can take up to 6 months to get the passports back) anchored in Great Britain. Well OK then, lets explore Britain. We took two trips, one to Bristol and one to the Lakes District. Continue reading Two train trips…and phone calls from school

A very busy week in London

The last week was filled with appointments and “things-to-do”s.

First we got new, local SIM cards for our phones. We realised that our monthly phone bill will be less than half of what we used to pay in the States. Even with adding smart phone service for Hannah and a new smart phone for Tristan (the phone we paid for outright: no contract) service is still cheaper for 4 smart phones than it was for 2 smart phones and one dumb phone in Seattle. Win!!!  Continue reading A very busy week in London